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Welcome to the Fédération de la relève agricole du Québec! 

The FRAQ is a MOVEMENT that carries the voice of the thousands of young people under the age of 40 who are established in agriculture or wish to be.  

We unite 13 unions with 2,000 voluntary and committed members in all agricultural productions and across Quebec. We are involved at a local, regional, national and even international level!

Our goal? To encourage, through collaboration and openness, the establishment of the next generation of farmers in Quebec.

To make that happen, we're bringing everyone together. We are market gardeners who operate in a short circuit in Abitibi and we are dairy producers in Bas-St-Laurent. We are in the cities caressing the dream of becoming an urban farmer and in the forests, harvesting maple syrup. We are agricultural students, graduates and self-taught entrepreneurs. In short, we are the next generation of Quebec farmers! 

Our diversity is our strength. BECOME A MEMBER NOW. 


  • To support the ONLY network that carries the voice of Quebec's young farmers and collaborate with other young people to make it HEARD;  

  • Increase your LEADERSHIP and management skills through our training and conferences; 

  • To develop your business by building a network of contacts; 

  • Take advantage of discounts with our partners; 

  • To have fun in our many social activities!

The online payment of your membership is only avaible by credit card. For any concern, please contact us

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